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Shuck and Share, a Marine Discovery Center Program, was created in 2014 to provide oyster shells for shoreline restoration projects in the Indian River Lagoon. The project was funded by a grant from the Indian River Lagoon National Estuary Program and allowed the Marine Discovery Center to collect over 50,000 pounds of shells from local restaurants in its first year. Since then, the program has grown to be one of the premiere sources of oyster shell restoration materials in the Indian River Lagoon and beyond. Shuck and Share prides itself on creating and facilitating strong partnerships with neighboring oyster restoration programs in Florida to create a community working towards the same goal: to protect and restore Florida’s estuaries, rivers, and bays for years to come.

Marine Discovery Center is a 501C3 nonprofit focused on environmental education and outreach in New Smyrna Beach. To learn more about the organization or participate in one of our many tours or volunteer events, please visit MarineDiscoveryCenter.org.